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HelenAnn and Patrick

When: July, 2022
Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado



Three incredible days were spent in the beautiful Colorado mountains with HelenAnn and Patrick and they couldn’t have been better.

The first day we met HelenAnn and Patrick was 2 days before the wedding at their cabin in Glenwood Springs. I joined them as they walked down to the creek to go flyfishing. They didn't catch anything while we were there but it was so fun seeing them hangout together doing an activity they love.

Day 2 was the rehearsal dinner. We actually joined them at their rehearsal at the venue first and I got some absolutely stunning drone shots of the place. We then headed back into Glenwood Springs for the dinner itself. They had a whole restaurant rented out and we ate some incredible food. Some amazing speeches were given from family and friends and we even saw some horses outside, too.

Day 3 was WEDDING DAY. Their beautiful ceremony was placed at the edge of a cliff basically, and overlooked two majestic Colorado mountains intersecting each other. The weather was perfect all day besides a little rain during the ceremony, but I like to call it a little sprinkle of love. HelenAnn and Patrick were so incredibly welcoming to us and I'm forever grateful for them because this was actually my first destination wedding, and they trusted me to capture their weekend. 

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